Aug 15, 2011

Secure the Border, It's a War Zone - Rick Perry

Presidential hopeful, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, speaks on immigration and the border -- no surprises here. 

Rick Perry: Secure the Border, It's a War Zone - Katie Pavlich: "So you can't even have a conversation about an immigration policy until you first secure the border. That is the first issue that has to be addressed. And I will assure you of one thing, when I become the President of the United States, we will have our military, our National Guard until we get the Border Patrol trained up to have enough boots on the ground to secure that border. We will have aviation assets being flown up and down that border. We will sit and talk with the new Mexican President in 2013, they're electing a new president in 2012 and together in a spirit of coopartion, because frankly if they don't work with us, Mexico has the potential to be very very big problem. But we can and we will.'"

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