Sep 17, 2011

The Border: Partnerships strengthen community philanthropy on the border

Fox News Latino: "SAN DIEGO – The U.S.-Mexico Border Philanthropy Partnership seeks to resolve the inequality along the U.S.-Mexico border by means of binational public policies and mechanisms that allow funds to be gathered and channeled in an increasing and sustainable way.

The BPP, as it is known, functions under the principle that partnering gives value added to each individual organization, since "the voice of the border is much stronger with many programs under the same umbrella working as one," its executive director, Andy Carey, told Efe.

The BPP is made up of more than 64 organizations on both sides of the border, including the Arizona Community Foundation, the El Paso Community Foundation, and for Mexico, FECHAC in Chihuahua state and the Tichi Muñoz Foundation in Sonora, among others.

With the sponsorship of institutions such as the Ford, Annie E. Carey and Charles Stewart Mott foundations, the BPP organizes conferences, helps raise funds to improve the standard of living for local communities while combating the negative image of the border region."

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