Sep 13, 2011

The Border: Planned solar project outside Mexicali would supply U.S. and Mexico

Here's a project--led by the Taiwanese!--that capitalizes on the geopolitical reality of the U.S.-Mexico border: it is an integrated whole. "A ambitious plan to build a facility that would manufacture solar cells and generate power for both sides of the California-Mexico border was announced Monday by the Baja California government and the project’s developers.

The Taiwanese-backed project is expected to break ground in November west of Mexicali in a high-tech industrial park known as Silicon Border CleanTECH Park.

The project, known as Baja Sun Energy, would be the first in Mexico to integrate manufacturing of solar cells with energy production, said David Tenney, chief financial officer for Silicon Border. The initial phase envisions an investment of $60 million for a 10-megawatt solar farm, but within four years, the plan is to expand the energy production capacity to 100 megawatts and entail a $500 million investment."

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