Sep 18, 2011

Immigration Crackdown: States, cities crying foul over Obama immigration policy

Sacramento Bee: "In June, high-level officials in the Obama administration asked Arturo Venegas Jr. to spend his summer helping them fix America's broken immigration enforcement system.

The former Sacramento police chief agreed and threw himself into the task until very publicly quitting the process last week. He is one of many notables – including the governors of some large states – who think the Obama administration is wrongly supporting immigration-enforcement policies that make the daunting task even worse.

Venegas believes Obama should temporarily suspend Secure Communities, a cornerstone immigration system employed by the feds, because it is arresting too many of the wrong people.

When his suggestions were ignored, and when the task force he joined failed to include stricter controls on cops in its final report, Venegas quit. So did four other members of the task force, including law enforcement and labor leaders and legal experts."

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