Sep 7, 2011

Immigration Realities: Central American Migrants in Mexico: Lost in a Black Hole of Violence » Council on Hemispheric Affairs

A detailed and disturbing review of the dangers to Central American migrants traveling through Mexico.

Council on Hemispheric Affairs: "Every year, 500,000 Central Americans pass through Mexico on a journey to the United States in search of better opportunities, but it is unknown how many reach their intended destination.[1] Migrants are regularly treated as second-class citizens during their journey; many fall victim to the violence of criminal gangs, resulting in assaults, sexual slavery, kidnapping, or murder. Civil society organizations often advocate the protection of migrant rights; however, in response to a wave of migrant murders, the Mexican government has chosen to take action. In light of the recent mass murders of migrants, on May 25, 2011, a reform of Mexico’s Immigration Law took place. Nevertheless, it is debatable whether or not this law reform will be enough to protect migrants."

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