Sep 12, 2011

Immigration Realities: Illegal border crossings down: More officers, border wall deter immigrants

Here's an unguarded look at border security policies by a Border Patrol agent.   

El Paso Times: "The 23-year-old man standing in front of agents at the Federal Detention Center is visibly upset. His eyes are searching the building. He is taking a good look at everyone in the room. He has short, dark hair and is wearing jeans and a white T-shirt with a few smudges on it. Signals that he has been running -- and been caught.

The man, whose identity is being kept a secret by the U.S. Border Patrol, chose the wrong day to try and cross the border illegally. While attempting to cross over the Rio Grande's dried-up riverbed, the man was apprehended just in front of the El Paso bus station minutes after entering the United States.

Now, he is at the Federal Detention Center. In a few hours, he will be transferred to the El Paso County Jail and eventually will meet with an immigration judge and be sent to prison for a week before being sent back to Mexico. This same story happens to about 30 people every day in the El Paso border region."

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