Oct 30, 2011

The Border: Senate proposal would waive environmental laws at border

The environment, endangered animals and plants, become another form of collateral damage from the insanity of the border "war" against immigrant and drug traffic. Immigration from Mexico has dropped dramatically and the drug traffic will never be stopped, yet the politicians will continue to go on the warpath, heedless of the destruction they wreak. 

Examiner.com: "A bill sponsored by Ariz. Sen. John McCain passed through a Senate subcommittee this week, which would grant Customs and Border Patrol agents unfettered access to all federal lands within one hundred miles of the U.S. border with Mexico. Currently, Border Patrol officers are not permitted to drive their vehicles through certain areas of the border region due to environmental restrictions. However, many lawmakers, both Republican and Democrat argue that these restrictions create channels where Mexican smugglers travel across the border unabated." read more

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