Oct 26, 2011

Drug Trafficking: Indiana drug seizure reveals Mexican cartels’ infiltration in states

Landlinetruckers: "Efren Gonzalez-Perez was approached last winter outside a Mexican dentist office near the U.S.-Mexico border, where “everyone knows he is a truck driver.”

A man told Gonzalez-Perez to drive his truck to Indianapolis and pick up $500,000 cash before returning to the southwest border, Gonzalez-Perez later told investigators. He delivered the money to a truck stop in McAllen, TX, off of Interstate 83, using a hidden compartment in his trailer.

Gonzalez-Perez became the first of at least four defendants charged in a large-scale drug-running operation last week originating from drug cartels along the U.S.-Mexico border. Two men arrested in the operation are allegedly illegal immigrants. Others, including Gonzalez-Perez, are facing multiple felony charges.

In March, police conducting a traffic stop at a west Indianapolis truck stop used a canine to determine drugs were present in Gonzalez-Perez’s Freightliner. Gonzalez-Perez had been pulled over in west Indianapolis. Police found $500,000 in a hidden compartment in the trailer’s ceiling. Later, nearly another $4 million in cash was found in related searches at an Indianapolis warehouse last week and in a truck pulled over in Arkansas in late September." read more

The investigation resulted in police seizing more than 5 tons of marijuana and $4.3 million in cash and drug proceeds."

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