Oct 21, 2011

Drug War: Mexico Gang's Car Bomb is Terror, but not Terrorism

InSight Crime: "A car bomb was detonated via remote control in downtown Monterrey, Mexico, in an attack attributed to drug trafficking groups disputing the border city. The attack appeared to be intended to target a military convoy passing by, but no deaths or injuries resulted from the explosion. The bomb may be the latest sign that drug-related violence may be about to escalate further in Monterrey ...

.. The first car bomb known to have been deployed by drug gangs was detonated in Ciudad Juarez in July 2010. The explosion killed four people, including two police officers and two medics.... Even with the multiple car bombings seen since (the) first Juarez attack, it isn't clear that the Mexican gangs have shifted their focus to targeting civilians rather than the security forces, which would fit more comfortably with the standard definition of terrorism." read more

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