Oct 8, 2011

Immigration Crackdown: Immigration hearing seen as test case

cincinnati.com: "The case of Julio Tellez is a test. The 24-year-old Hamilton man - an undocumented immigrant brought from Mexico by his mother when he was 8 and today the sole breadwinner for his mother and two younger, U.S. citizen siblings - will appear Wednesday in federal immigration court in Cleveland.

Tellez is a 2005 graduate of Hamilton High School and former engineering student at Miami University-Hamilton campus. He was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents in Belmont County, Ohio, in January 2008. The minivan carrying Tellez and four other Hispanic men back from a construction job in Pittsburgh broke down on Interstate 70.

The outcome of his hearing Wednesday will help to determine whether the will of the White House and ICE Director John Morton is being followed. The ICE office in Detroit has jurisdiction in Ohio. "The results differ around the country," said Cleveland attorney David Leopold, president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, when asked if the new policy was being followed. "Unfortunately the Detroit ICE office has hardly embraced the directive. My experience has been that the leadership won't follow it unless directed to do so by Washington.""

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