Oct 22, 2011

Immigration Crackdown: U.S. Judge Dismisses Arizona's Claim Over Enforcement Of Immigration Laws

RTT News: "The United States District Court dismissed the claim of the state of Arizona that the Obama administration failed to enforce immigration laws or secure the border. Judge Susan Bolton, in her ruling on Friday, said Arizona cannot claim that the U.S. lost its "operational control" over the border with Mexico and defend its immigration law.

Arizona and Governor Janice Brewer, in the suit filed as a counterclaim after the Justice Department challenged Arizona's immigration enforcement law, asserted that the Washington failed to achieve and maintain "operational control" of the Arizona-Mexico border and protect Arizona from invasion.

Bolton wrote that the U.S. has substantial discretion in determining where to build fencing, where to use alternative infrastructure improvements rather than fencing, and how best to develop a comprehensive program to prevent illegal immigration. The Judge said Arizona cannot challenge the sufficiency of the government's ongoing, non-final actions by attempting to frame its claims as a challenge to agency action. The Justice Department said it was pleased Bolton had dismissed the lawsuit." read more

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