Oct 26, 2011

Immigraton Crackdown: Interior Immigration Enforcement: Programs Targeting Criminal Aliens

The Congressional Research Service report on Department of Homeland Security deportation programs ostensibly aimed at criminals. 

Congressional Research Service: "DHS operates four programs designed in whole or in part to target criminal aliens:

  1. the Criminal Alien Program (CAP), 
  2. Secure Communities, 
  3. the § 287(g) program, and the 
  4. National Fugitive Operations Program (NFOP). 
The CAP, Secure Communities, and certain § 287(g) programs are jail enforcement programs that screen individuals for immigration-related violations as they are being booked into jail and while they are incarcerated; the NFOP and some other § 287(g) programs are task force programs that target at-large criminal aliens. This report describes how these programs work and identifies their common features and key differences among them." read more

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