Nov 27, 2011

Border Madness: Border Fence Upends a Rio Grande Valley Farmer’s Life "In 2009 the Department of Homeland Security informed Tim Loop, ... who lives on his family farm in Brownsville, Texas, along the northern bank of the Rio Grande, that the new border fence, which in some areas stands more than a mile from the river, would be cutting through his properties. (A water treaty with Mexico that restricts building within the flood plain prevented the department from simply hugging the north bank.) The three-bedroom home where Mr. Loop lives with his wife and two children ended up on the south side of the fence, inside what essentially became a no-man’s land.

Now, ... the Homeland Security Department plans to install motorized gates and keypads. Like a handful of other border dwellers in the same situation, Mr. Loop and his family will be required to use a secret code to reach their home — and to re-enter the rest of his country." read more

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