Nov 8, 2011

Drug War - Fast and Furious: Attorney general to face Senate over gun sting

Reuters: "Attorney General Eric Holder will go before a Senate committee on Tuesday where he will likely be asked about a botched operation that was meant to track gun smuggling to top Mexican drug cartels. Holder has been in a war of words with congressional Republicans over "Operation Fast and Furious" for months, leading to demands from some critics that he step down.

... So far, no evidence has come to light showing that Holder read 100-plus page memos that briefly and broadly referred to the operation, or that his senior aides knew either. Excerpts of Holder's remarks to the Senate Judiciary Committee, released in advance, reiterate past statements about "Fast and Furious" -- that it was flawed and that more needs to be done to stem gun trafficking. Holder will almost assuredly be asked what he knew and when." read more

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