Nov 8, 2011

Immigration Crackdown: Alabama's Outrageous Anti-Immigration Law

From Andrew Rosenthal, the New York Times’s editorial page editor since January 2007. "In our time, the great fight against racist policies is over immigration reform. Moderate Americans want it – to resolve the problem of tens of millions of illegal immigrants coming to do jobs Americans don’t want and do better themselves. Extremists do not want it, and they seem to be willing to do anything to stop it.

... Republican politicians oppose states’ rights to provide marriage equality under the law for all Americans and to investigate illegal gun trafficking from other states. But oppress minorities, and they’re suddenly all gung ho about states’ rights.

The Times editorial board will continue monitoring the situation in Alabama. ... Coming up, we’ll examine the ways the crackdown is harming American citizens, and damaging the state’s economy. No state has the right to violate sacred Constitutional guarantees of equality and due process. Our country settled that issue long ago, the hard way." read more

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