Dec 5, 2011

Crossing the Border to Viva Mexico!: The Big Plans Of A Small Mexican Border Town

Fronteras Desk: "The little border town of Naco in the Mexican state of Sonora, is getting into the game. It's promoting itself as the gateway to rural Mexican tourism along the banks of the Río Sonora. Recently, a few hundred locals lined the rough main street. They are part of a fiesta cooked up by business and local political leaders to showcase the offerings of this little border town.

Gus Ruffo helped ... about 50 Americans onto a bus in Arizona and ushered them across the border to show them his plans for turning this tiny town into a gateway to the rarely visited Sonoran villages just down the road. This trip is all about samples of good tequila, enormous plates of carne asada, songs and dance." read more

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