Dec 6, 2011

Drug War: Heating Up the Plaza: How Mexico's Gangs Use Scorched Earth Tactics

InSight Crime: "Mexico's drug gangs do not just fight each other with bullets, but through tactics like having rivals' birthday parties busted by the police, or commiting random acts of violence that will force a government crackdown. "Dropping a dime" is like "heating up the plaza": You burn your villages on retreat... In back-street English, “dropping a dime” on someone means snitching to the cops. But the drug war in Mexico adds a further dimension to this, because it’s not just a two-sided fight.

As Mexico’s cartel hit squads shoot at one another, they are also in conflict with the third leg in a war triangle: the not-always-perfect forces of law and order, represented by government troops and police. This means that snitching can be used tactically, as a weapon." read more

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