Dec 9, 2011

Drug War: Mexico's Commissioner of Human Rights Says Calderon Has Run Out of Time to Reduce the Violence and Abuses of the Drug War

Translated by MexicoBlog from El Universal

Raul Plascencia, president of Mexico's National Commission of Human Rights, says that President Calderon does not have enough time, in the one year left in his administration, to reverse the high levels of violence and insecurity that have pervaded the country or to prevent the continuation of the abuses committed by the security forces in a systematic manner.

Mr. Plascencia stated that with the end of Calderon's term approaching, the outcome is foreseeable, because the president has not taken the necessay steps to avoid the repetition of the grave violations of human rights documented within the framework of the federal strategy to combat organized crime. He emphasized, for example, that forced disappearances continue to grow.

The violations of human rights, he said, continue being repeated in a systematic pattern and it takes time to be able to change the situation, end the impunity and modify the policy of the State that has abandoned 98% of the victims. Spanish original

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