Dec 6, 2011

Immigration Crackdown: Jails and Jumpsuits: Transforming the U.S. Immigration Detention System

From the full report by Human Rights First on the dysfunctional immigration detention system. 

In this report, Human Rights First focuses ... on the progress of DHS and ICE in transforming the U.S.
immigration detention system away from its reliance on jails and jail-like facilities to a system with conditions
more appropriate for civil immigration law detainees.

Among the Findings: 
  1. Asylum Seekers and Other Immigrants Are Still Overwhelmingly Held in Jails and Jail-like Facilities
  2. Immigration Detention Costs U.S. Taxpayers Over $2 Billion Each Year
  3. ICE Continues to Rely on Detention Standards Modeled on Correctional Standards
  4. ICE Has Taken Some Steps Toward Less Penal Detention Conditions, But Only a Small Portion of Detainees Will See Change 
  5. Asylum Seekers and Other Immigration Detainees Continue to Be Detained Unnecessarily
  6. Detained Asylum Seekers and Other Immigrants Do Not Have Adequate Access to Legal Assistance and Fair Procedures, Particularly in Isolated Detention Facilities. read more

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