Dec 25, 2011

Mexico Education: Only 60 percent of Mexican students conclude sixth grade

Translated by MexicoBlog

Excelsior: Official figures from the Fifth Government Report show that 99 percent of children six years in first grade of primary school, ... however, for every 100 who enter this level, only 64 complete the sixth grade at age 11.

This means that on average four out of ten children entering primary school drop out or fail, according to the study "Goals: The state of education in Mexico 2011," done by the Mexico First Association. This shows that the percentage of coverage does not mean that children maintain a constant pace in their studies, because in the course of elementary school, many drop out and some fail or don't enroll in middle school, so that universal access to education does not guarantee staying enrolled or progressing according to the students' corresponding age.

Thus, for every 100 children entering elementary school at six years, more than 50 percent cannot enter middle school, ... And worse, in high school, only 45% of young people achieved graduation." Spanish original

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