Dec 15, 2011

Movement for Peace with Justice: Javier Sicilia demands a victims law from Mexico's Chamber of Deputies

Translated by MexicoBlog

CNN Mexico: Given the situation of a "national emergency" caused by the violence stemming from organized crime in Mexico, activist and poet Javier Sicilia asked on Wednesday that the Chamber of Deputies pass a law for victims and ensure compliance to it, EFE, the Spanish news agency, reported.

"The country cannot wait, the victims can not wait, the pain and injustice pursue them," said Sicilia, who was participating in a security forum organized by the Public Safety Committee of the Chamber of Deputies and academic institutions. "It is necessary to legislate, given the number of victims in the country who have not had justice, because 98% of all crimes go unpunished," he said.

The proposals for a law for victims, according to Sicilia, could be an international example, but are not sufficient, because their application has to be assured, the activist added. "The laws we had were sufficient to provide order in this country and maintain peace, but they are not being implemented. This Chamber makes and undoes the laws. It returns to undo laws and they are not applied. It seems that they don't exist. that's the gravity of the problem" he assured. Spanish original

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