Feb 14, 2012

Border Sanity: Arizona shouldn't fund questionable border militia

A sane Arizona response to some of its politicians´ insanity

azstarnet.com: "The border-militia bill snaking its way through the Legislature sure sends a message: When state lawmakers try to get serious about the U.S.-Mexico border, which is a federal issue, they end up looking pretty silly. State lawmakers are looking to fund the volunteer militia, which was created last year, with $1.9 million.

... Will any of this make a difference for Arizona's roughly 370-mile border with Mexico? With the federal government having spent billions and billions of dollars on the region, is this small amount of money just what the border needs to finally become safe? Is this the tipping point we have been waiting for?

State Sen. Sylvia Allen, a Republican from Snowflake and one of the bill's sponsors, didn't think so.
"I don't have any illusion that we can solve our border problem," she said. "But this will help."

Yes, it's always helpful to have more armed and slightly trained people on the border. This is just what the border needs." read more

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