Feb 10, 2012

Human Rights Violations: Movement for Peace responds to announcement of possible creation of federal police auditor

Movement for Peace with Justice: "With great pleasure and hope, the Institute for Security and Democracy (INSYDE) reports this morning that Sen. Fernando Baeza Melendez (PRI) presented the full the reform initiative to create the Special Auditor of Federal Police . The proposal was signed by the congressional coordinators of PRI,... the PRD,..., the PVEM, ..., PT, ... and MV. Senators Ricardo García Cervantes (PAN) and Raul Gonzalez Mejia (PRI) also signed.

With this very wide representation, the action enforces the commitment expressed by Senators to the Movement for Peace, Justice and Dignity in the meeting held in the Castle of Chapultepec, on July 28, 2011. Insyde expresses its thanks and appreciation to the Senate and in particular the signatories of the initiative. It does the same with respect to MPJD.

The Institute welcomes this important new step towards the better police that Mexico demands and deserves. We are creating, within the Auditor General of the Federation (ASF), the first specialized agency for control, monitoring and proposing improvements to the police in the history of this country. It will be an institution focused on fulfilling the mandate of evaluation ...which already rests with the ASF itself.

Now it's time to join all of our forces together with the Senate itself, the MPJD, various organizations of civil society, academia, the National Autonomous University of Mexico..., the media and public security authorities themselves, who are interested in accelerating and ensuring their professionalization and public support, a process begun by the federal police themselves.

To Insyde, this date is a great day for democratic police reform in Mexico.

Thank you,
Guadalupe Pescador Canton
Assistant Executive Director
Institute for Security and Democracy, AC (Insyde)
Spanish original

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