Feb 1, 2012

Mexican Movement for Peace Starts Campaign "In another's shoes"

Milenio: ""In another's shoes" is a campaign that is being initiated to raise the awareness of Mexican society regarding disappearances in the war against organized crime.

The group "The Strongest Cry," a group of actresses, actors, filmmakers and journalists took on the task of developing a campaign through the mass media, which proposes "a very simple action: to put one's self "In the Shoes of the Other" and plans the distribution of a video and spots in the media that tell the experiences of families of the disappeared.

...With the support of the arts community, voice is being given to the families of the victims of the war. Because they deserve to be heard and we seek to join forces. "If we start in our home, then in our neighborhood, in our town, our city, if one sees what others see and feels what others feel, in this way we can contribute to the reconstruction of this country. It has to do with recognizing ourselves in the other."" Spanish original

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