Feb 21, 2012

Movement for Peace Caravan to the North: Javier Sicilia Talks about Mexican Violence and U.S. Responsibility

North American Congress on Latin America: "This is the third (and final) set of excerpts from a long conversation I had with Sicilia about three weeks ago. In the first installment I excerpted some of Sicilia’s comments on the questions of nonviolence and the process of dialogue. In a second installment, I excerpted comments on the question of the unraveling of Mexico’s social fabric.

In this installment, I present more excerpts from that same conversation, this time focused on the rationale for the MPJD’s upcoming caravan through the United States. This Fall, Sicilia will bring a caravan to the United States, where it will travel from California to New England attempting to raise awareness of the wave of violence Mexico is living through and, in particular, the relationship between that violence and U.S. policies and institutions." read more

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