Feb 22, 2012

Movement for Peace: Javier Sicilia criticizes official security plans as inefficient

La Jornada: "The leader of the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity, Javier Sicilia, rejected a recent statement by the Interior Minister, Alejandro Poiré, who said that the government's security strategy is beginning to bear fruit. Sicilia noted that the plans remain ineffective to stem the tide of violence that the country is suffering.

"The dead continue to increase; so then what is Poire saying to us? The balance is negative and if it has to do with making up numbers, of building it completely with media lies, then, for them, reality lies," the poet said after an event where the artists' collective, "The Strongest Cry," announced the donation of 73,000 pesos ($5,600 U.S.) for the Peace Movement.

Question: Secretary Poire asked you to evaluate the progress ...

"We do not see progress!"replied the writer. "Where is justice and where is peace? There continue to be dead and missing, then where are the gains? We don't need to assess further the failure of the State in Mexico, or the identity of the victims or the injustice and war that we are living with every day. Don't come to us with these idiocies!"

Earlier in the ceremony, where he received the gift from the artists--obtained through a campaign of videos, "In the Other's Shoes," which seeks to raise public awareness about the crisis of violence in the country--Sicilia stated that such initiatives serve to "visualize the pain that we are living in Mexico, and the need to recover the meaning of words like solidarity and love, perverted by the political class." Spanish original

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