Mar 14, 2012

Drug War: Who's Tipping Off Drug Lord El Chapo Guzman?

ABC News: "American officials have become so frustrated with a Mexican drug lord's ability to elude capture that they've started telling jokes about it.

Time and again, the U.S. provides Mexican law enforcement with precise intelligence about the safe houses where Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, head of the Sinaloa drug cartel, is hiding. And every time the Mexicans raid a house, the man that the U.S. government calls "the most powerful drug trafficker in the world" manages to escape at the last minute through the back door.

"Every time he gets away, they tell us, 'He got out the back door,'" said one American official. U.S. officials have started to joke that "there is no word for 'surround' in Spanish.""

Behind the jokes, however, is concern that someone in Mexican law enforcement is tipping off Guzman, allowing him to escape just ahead of the raids. During the 1990s, problems with leaks of U.S. intelligence helped delay the capture or killing of several top players in the Colombian drug cartels." read more

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