Mar 14, 2012

Human Rights and Rule of Law: Mexico acts to toughen law against attacks on journalists

Kansas City Star: "The Mexican Senate Tuesday approved a constitutional amendment that would make attacks on journalists a federal crime, responding to growing pressure on news gatherers in a country where 48 journalists have been slain or have disappeared under suspicious circumstances in the last five years.

Free press advocates hailed the action as crucial to protecting the flow of information in a country where no one in recent years has been convicted of attacks against reporters. That air of impunity has turned some parts of the country into virtual news black holes as journalists, fearing for their lives, refuse to report on organized crime and violence.

The measure, which senators approved 95-0, was passed four months ago by the Mexican Congress' lower chamber. Now, more than half of Mexico's state legislatures must endorse it before it becomes part of the country's constitution." read more

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