Mar 22, 2012

Mexicans hire U.S. political consultants to "do an Obama for us"

Associated Press: On a recent morning in February, as sleet darkened Capitol Hill in Washington, three prominent Obama strategists gathered near the sparkling, turquoise waves of the Caribbean and opened their playbooks to hundreds of Mexican candidates and campaigners, each of whom had paid $900 for an insider peek at their most successful tactics.

"People tell me, 'We'd like you to do an Obama for us,' " said veteran Democratic media consultant Jim Margolis.

Mexicans are running this year for everything from mayor to president and are turning to American-style electioneering in hopes of generating the kind of excitement that shot an underdog into the White House four years ago. And with $1 billion estimated to be spent on Mexico's elections, U.S. political consultants see a lucrative opportunity. read more

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