Mar 20, 2012

Mexico Prisons: Updates on Apodaca prison riot and break one month later

Justice in Mexico: "Nearly a month after the February 19 massive prison riot and break in the Apodaca medium security prison, which is just outside of Monterrey, Nuevo León, authorities reported a correction to the number of inmates who escaped during the violent uprising, increasing the number originally reported from 30 to 37.

... Only one of the 37 fugitives has since been recaptured by authorities since the February incident –Agustín Manuel Olvera Pérez– who gave a rather damning testimony to officials in the State Agency of Investiation (Agencia Estatal de Investigaciones, AEI) about the corrupt role of prison guards and staff, not only in the break itself, but in their everyday interactions with the inmates. According to Diario de Yucatán, the recaptured inmate pointed specifically to guards allowing Zetas-affiliated inmates to have prostitutes, throw parties, sell other prisoners alcohol and drugs, and occasionally leave the prison facilities without supervision, allegedly “to kill [their] enemies.”" read more

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