Mar 18, 2012

Movement for Peace: Javier Sicilia travels to Rome to ask Pope to "embrace the body of Christ"

La Jornada: "The leader of the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity (MPJD), Javier Sicilia, traveled to Rome last night to deliver to the Vatican a letter to Pope Benedict XVI, prompting him that, instead of allowing himself to be covered up by the "media show" that will assemble around him during his visit to the country, that he embrace "the suffering and murdered body of Christ" that now exists in Mexico and Central America.

At a press conference, the poet announced that he was making ​​the trip in a personal capacity, accompanied by four others, and he read the letter that Joseph Ratzinger will receive through the Vatican Secretary of Justice and Peace, Mario Toso.

"I come to Rome to say that Mexico has lived in suffering for five years. [...] Beloved Benedict, Mexico and Central America are now the abandoned body of Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane and crucified between two criminals," Sicilia says in his letter.

"When you arrive in Mexico, we want to remind you that, behind the media and political scenery, which they put up around you to erase the body of Christ, those who claim to represent the word of God and those who claim to represent the word of the people keep it kidnapped in the dock of the accused," he added.

For this reason, he requests that the head of the Vatican "embrace, before anyone else, the one, suffering body of Christ and and console it," because otherwise, if he cannot charge the Mexican Church to assume her role as mother, "hope in the deep communion of the resurrection will be destroyed."

Asked about his reasons for going to Ratzinger, when this public figure has not shown his commitment to the victims of pedophilia, the writer stressed that he is going in search of meeting him on a spiritual plane, regardless of their political positions.

"Sometimes political games prevent the Pope from speaking from his heart, and we forget that he is a head of state. We do not want to see the head of the Vatican State, but the Vicar of Christ on earth," insisted Sicilia...." Spanish original

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