May 15, 2012

Kidnapping Can Be a Family Affair in Mexico's Drug War

PBS News Hour: RAY SUAREZ: For more on all of this, we turn to Alejandro Junco, president and CEO of Grupo Reforma, which is one of the largest print media operations in Latin America, including newspapers in three of Mexico's biggest cities. His office is in the hometown of Monterrey, site of the latest gruesome killings.

And, at this hour, Mr. Junco, do authorities have any more idea who the four dozen victims are and why they were killed?

ALEJANDRO JUNCO, President and CEO, Grupo Reforma: Well, I guess part of the strategy of dismembering the bodies has to do with making it difficult for the identification.

And they probably have succeeded, at least for the short term. So the identity, to this hour, it is not known, but it probably will over time. watch the report here

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