May 4, 2012

Mexico Mining Union Wins Battle To Choose Its Leader

Fox Business: The longtime leader of a key Mexican mining union is planning his return to Mexico following years of self-exile in Canada, after winning a series of court cases against the government, including a recent Supreme Court case and a criminal complaint, lawyers for the labor group said Thursday.

The leader of the National Union of Miners and Metal Workers, Napoleon Gomez Urrutia, "has one foot in Mexico and one hand on his luggage," said Marco del Toro, a lawyer working for the union. Del Toro said Gomez has suffered a six-year persecution by the government for his defense of mining workers against politically powerful mining companies.

The miners' union run by Gomez is best known for its strike against copper mine and railways operator Grupo Mexico SAB (GMEXICO.MX) that shut down the nation's biggest copper mine at Cananea near the U.S. border for three years. read more

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