Jun 6, 2012

Mexican drug war: Waves of violence

An interactive map published by The Economist illustrates that violence in Mexico has stabilized at a high level, but the areas most affected have shifted as the battle lines among cartels are continually redrawn.

The Economist: FOR the first time in Mexico’s five-year war on organised crime, the level of violence seems to have stabilised. Last year saw about 22,000 murders, only slightly more than the 21,000 recorded in the previous year. That is still double the number in 2007. But there are tentative hopes that the violence may have peaked: so far, 2012 has been somewhat less bloody than last year. The stable national picture masks sharply different regional trends. Last year Chihuahua, long the most violent state in Mexico, saw a 39% drop in the number of mafia-linked killings. May of this year saw the fewest murders in Ciudad Juárez for 49 months, according to El Diario, a local newspaper. Violence has also dropped sharply in the neighbouring states of Baja California, Sonora and Sinaloa. Read more.

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