Jun 14, 2012

Mexico Drug Violence Shows Decline

The Wall Street Journal interviews Calderón and gets into veiled references to legalization and a morass of numbers on drug war deaths.  

WSJ: MEXICO CITY—Violence from Mexico's drug war is slowing, the country's president said, after years of steadily growing carnage that has traumatized its society, hurt the economy and damaged the nation's international standing.

Mexico's drug-related murders fell about 12% during the first five months of this year, President Felipe Calderón said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal this week. That marks the first decline in violence in at least eight years.

The president, whose term ends later this year, said Mexico was making real progress in the fight against organized crime, and that his eventual successor, elected in a July 1 presidential vote, should continue efforts to build honest cops and a working judicial system. Read more.

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