Jun 19, 2012

Mexico film on Luis Donaldo Colosio slaying puts PRI in bad light

latimes.com: The movie about presidential candidate Luis Donaldo Colosio aims to prod Mexicans into thinking about the key events of 1994 as another presidential vote nears.
MEXICO CITY — A young presidential candidate pushes through a crowd of supporters in a barrio in Tijuana, apparently unaware as the barrel of a gun is placed at his right temple. Before anyone can react, the gunman pulls the trigger, exploding the skull. As the candidate falls, a second bullet rips into his body.

That much we know.

But the March 23, 1994, assassination of Luis Donaldo Colosio, a few months before he was expected to be elected, has never been solved to the satisfaction of many Mexicans, despite a six-year government investigation that concluded it was the work of a lone gunman. Read more

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