Jun 25, 2012

Mexico ready to vote, watchful for fraud

Washington Post: The worst practices were curbed by incremental electoral reforms starting in the 1970s, and in 2000 the right-leaning National Action Party (PAN) ended PRI rule with Vicente Fox’s win. The PAN now competes across the country, with the smaller, leftist Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) also fielding candidates in many districts.

Today, the parties act as mutual watchdogs, appealing to the electoral institute with complaints or allegations of rivals’ wrongdoing. Although public perceptions of the IFE suffered after the 2006 election crisis, today, about 75 percent of Mexicans have a “positive” or “normal” level of confidence in its integrity, pollster Roy Campos said.

“Unfortunately, voters’ confidence is based on candidates’ fraud claims,” Campos said, suggesting that IFE’s reputation can sink quickly again if controversy returns. Read more.

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