Jun 29, 2012

Spotlight falls on Televisa, Mexico's all-powerful TV station

Television has a big influence on public opinion in Mexico. The discovery of the major television network Televisa's connection to Enrique Pena Nieto before the election reflects the history of the relationship between media and politics in the country.  

The Guardian: Critics accuse Televisa of manipulating politicians and viewers and threatening democracy
For decades Televisa's logo – a golden human eye gazing at the world through a television screen – captured the company's success at controlling and dominating what Mexicans watched.

The media firm, the biggest in Latin America, produced soap operas, quiz shows, films and news bulletins that reflected and reinforced the country's concentration of economic and political power.

Televisa's eye, with the pupil in the form of a globe, remained an unblinking stare during authoritarian one-party rule and Mexico's transition to multiparty democracy, a change that only increased the company's wealth and influence. Read more.

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