Jul 2, 2012

Election “full” of irregularities, concludes #YoSoy132

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Mexico City – Based in an encampment at the Revolution Monument and with a “Peace Room,” or center of operations, in a residence in the south of the city, the members of the movement #Iam132 reported that the electoral day was “full” of irregularities and a "wave of violence."

Calling for 3,000 observers and committees to register witness reports and by means of social networks, the students documented around 500 reports of irregularities, they said through different press releases and a press conference at the Revolution Monument.

“Up until now there are more than 500 reports of irregularities, among them some are serious offenses: it has been registered that police have robbed ballot boxes and that there have been shootings. Also, we received an extreme case in which poll workers were kidnapped. In Pueblo Nuevo, Chiapas, armed groups entered the voting stations and there were two deaths. In San Miguel Totolopan, Guerrero, we found out that they filled ballot boxes. In San Juan Chamula, Chiapas, armed groups with submachine guns fired at voters. In Ensenada, Baja California, a voting employee disappeared with 2500 ballots,” said Sandino Bucio, and announced that all the documentation that was gathered will be given to Fepade [the special federal investigative unit for electoral crime] to make their case.

Of the reports received throughout the country, they said that 46% related to vote buying; 30% voting irregularities; 19% related to propaganda. In spite of the close of the election, these isolated cases can affect many.

The states with the most “controversies,” according to reports, were Mexico State, Veracruz, Tabasco and Chiapas.

Angélica Pérez Padilla said that, of the witness reports, they had 110 reports of bribes, and that voting irregularities can be documented on the page www.contamos.org.mx.

They monitored the news for more than 12 hours. They spoke of censure and manipulation by the telecasters: “the television has not reported on any of these conflicts that have occurred during the election day. Also, they have emphasized that it has been a calm day. They did not mention anything of violence and all the irregularities.”

"In our monitoring, the channels with the most proganda in favor of the PRI have been Televisa and Tv Azteca. Also, we received one report in the morning that they were outside of the house of the first lady (referring to Angélica Rivera, wife of Enrique Peña Nieto).

In summary, they spoke of two “polar opposites”: “On the one hand, we, #Iam132, have registered violence and an incredible number of reports of irregularities; and on the other hand, the telecasters have said that everything is calm,” said student Angélica Pérez Padilla.

They criticized “passionately” that El Universal published an extra edition, at 9 at night, without official results, the winner of the presidential election as Enrique Peña Nieto. “It seemed like an outrage to us,” said Pérez Padilla, and accused the newspaper of having “a clear propaganda leaning in favor of the PRI, the PVEM and the candidate of the coalition of both parties.”

They equally criticized Leonardo Valdés, executive president of the IFE, for quickening his declaration on the Prep, disclosed between 11:45 and 11:15 hours, “so that Calderón can declare Peña the winner,” they said in a conference.

The student movement will not take a political position until Wednesday July 4th, when the inter-university assembly meets. Meanwhile, they have welcomed defending the vote and peaceful demonstrations.

Between tears and upset faces, between the sadness and the indignation, they closed the day with the slogan with which they identify: “If we do not burn together, who will illuminate this darkness.”
Translation by Bonnie Ho, Americas Program

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