Jul 4, 2012

IFE announces 43 recounts in 37 electoral districts

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The director Alfredo Figueroa reported that six packets were robbed on election day, and two voting stations were not installed in Oaxaca.

Mexico City – The electoral director of the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE), Alfredo Figueroa, announced that they will carry out 43 total recounts – 50,000 voting stations, in the presidential, senate and legislator elections. In a conference, the official explained that during the electoral day six packets were robbed, and two voting stations were not installed in Oaxaca, and for this reason they will review the district counts, a total of 143,114 packets.

Regarding in which voting booths votes will be recounted, he said that there is a possibility of a total recount in 37 districts located in Aguascalientes, Baja California, Hidalgo, State of Mexico, Nuevo León, Tamaulipas, Coahuila, Michoacán, Sonora, Puebla, Chihuahua, Guanajuato and Mexico City, among other states. He brought forward that the electoral packets are under the IFE's control.

Accompanied by the electoral director Marco Antonio Baños, he stressed that the Electoral Tribunal (TEPJF) is responsible for processing the complaints and judging the presidential election.

Also, he specified that the influx of voters was historic, a 63 per cent of the electoral roll registered their participation and more than a million Mexicans participated as voting operators.

The director pointed out that in 19 electoral districts they will carry out a total recount of the votes for the president, 12 more for legislators and another 12 for senators.

The recount will be carried out in less than 24 hours and Alfredo Figueroa warned that the system may not report advances each hour.

For this reason, the official Francisco Guerrero said that the IFE guarantees citizens a transparent recount, and pointed out that the recount exercise will take place starting tomorrow and go beyond what happened in 2006, when they carried out a recount of 2,800 electoral packets.

He said that in total incidents were reported in 16 voting stations, where voting takes place or in transit, but that it does not affect the election results.

He warned that a difference of the PREP is the results of the recount by district computaciones is not so immediate and that the results come in slowly, and for that reason he asked that citizens be patient and have trust in the institution.

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Translation by Bonnie Ho, Americas Program

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