Jul 9, 2012

PAN and PRD prepare to take action against the PRI

El Universal: Americas Program Original Translation
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The meetings between the national leaders of the PAN, Gustavo Madero, and of the PRD, Jesus Zambrano, intensified as the two parties prepared to formalize a joint action against the PRI.

As El Universal published in its July 2 edition, the two parties jointly designed a plan to oversee 150,000 polls, which allowed them to gather the reports of irregularities.

In a statement, Madero said he had met with Zambrano and that he “is open to dialogue.”

He confirmed that he has proof that on election day there was “a sophisticated vote-buying operation in which PRI governors are implicated, in which they approved the indiscriminate use of public resources to promote candidates.”

He urged all political actors to review electoral legislation carefully in order to put an end to the practices of the past which impede the full legitimization of electoral results.

The panista reminded that several challenges have been presented, including significant examples such as the distribution of Banca Monex cards to PRI operatives, especially to its representatives, both general and at the polls, who were registered with the IFE.

For Madero Muñoz, in the case that the electoral authorities validate Peña Nieto’s win, they would only give legality but not legitimacy to the presidential election, due to the deep issues with the way the PRI obtained thousands of votes.

He indicated that the PAN will maintain its firm position so that everything can be clarified and confirmed, and that in the future the illegal handling of resources and vote buying will not be repeated.

A call to join forces
Senator-elect Javier Corral, in a statement, called on the PAN to join forces with the left to clean up the election: “It is very important to follow up on the complaints presented to authorities regarding the abuses of the governors, the bias and manipulation of the pre-election polls by various media outlets, the outrageous expenditures by Peña Nieto’s campaign, and the buying and coercion of votes.”

Corral Jurado said that the PAN and the PRD should consolidate a common agenda in Congress to tackle the inequity that continues to spread in the electoral process, as well as the creation of a working accountability system for local governments.

Translation by Ryan Gentzler.

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