Jul 19, 2012

Plan to “take on and surround” Televisa and boycott Soriana and Wal-Mart

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- National demonstration against fraud, meeting in Atenco

Laura Poy Solano and Javier Salinas Cesáreo. San Salvador Atenco, Méx., July 15th. On participating on the first National Convention Against the Imposition, representatives of at least 300 organizations achieved a national central focus of action that will bring together students, farmers, workers, unions and teachers, who will drive national demonstrations, boycott companies that participated in fraud, occupy public plazas and “take on and surround” the Televisa facilities throughout the country, with the objective of preventing Enrique Peña Nieto from assuming presidency.

Members of the #Iam132 movement, Villages in Defense of Land Front (FPDT), Mexican Electricians Union (SME) and the National Committee of Education Workers (CNTE), among others, approved of having a national march this July 22nd in the capital of the country, while on Friday the 27th, they will call for action against the television company, among other measures, even though they will postpone for the second convention, to be carried out the 22nd and 23rd of September in Oaxaca, the plan for action that will take place between November 20th to December 1st.

For more than five hours, the 2,600 delegates and representatives of 29 organizations, according to figures from the organizers, discussed more than 200 mobilization proposals. August 4th was the date agreed on to convene in Jalisco for the meeting for the provisional national committee to organize its second convention. Likewise, on Friday the 8th, they will call their first national community protest and test out a general strike.

On August 11th, they will join the SME organized demonstration in Mexico City, and this same month they will carry out state assemblies from the convention.

The meeting survived a climate that was tense at times due to the diversity of proposals and approaches from the delegates, in particular on discussing the “take or block” of Televisa, that generated dissent, in which state representatives indicated that those in the country, outside of Mexico City, are not in the condition to express themselves as openly.

Also they approved of carrying out two days of nationwide protest, September 1st and 6th. The first will include a massive demonstration of the Electoral Tribunal of Judicial Power of the Federation (TEPJF) to the House of Representatives in rejection of the sixth report by the government of President Felipe Calderón and against the imposition of the incoming representatives and senators.

Five days after they will call for a block of roads, toll roads, call for local protests and artistic and cultural expression in public spaces, as well as maintaining a boycott of businesses that collaborated with the fraud, such as Soriana, Wal-mart, Coca-Cola and banks.

For the 15th and 16th of September they will carry out, coinciding purposefully with the celebrations of the Independence, a call for a Mexico without the PRI in all the public plazas in the country. On the 2nd of October they will call together a national strike of the universities, that should be approved in each of them, as well as a massive mobilization.

Organization and plan of protest
Among the series of proposals and demonstrations there were some that did not reach consensus or that, for their greater importance, were postponed. The decision to organize a national strike of workers for the first of December, the date Peña Nieto takes office of the President of the Republic, they did not approve, nor the taking of the International Airport of Mexico City, the official residence of Los Pinos and the Congress of the Union. Also they should continue the discussion on the proposal to carry out 10 days of demonstrations, from the 20th to the 30th of November, to prepare for a grand national strike in the entire country and curb the arrival of the politican from the state of Mexico.

The approval of a political statement will be carried out in an upcoming meeting, even though they have suggested proposals that define the convention as an organization that struggles against Peña Nieto's presidency; we reject his imposition and do not recognize him, there is no democracy when votes are bought, nor do we accept a future society directed by television.

At the close of the meeting, in which community members from the Michoacan towns of Cherán and Huexca, Morelos participated, Trinidad Ramírez, of the FPDT, called for them to stay united, in spite of the differences in the proposals and initiatives, to drive the democratization of the country, then reminded everyone of the reasons behind the construction of this convention: to listen to one another, accompany one another and go forth together.

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