Aug 31, 2012

Mexico electoral judges reject challenge to Pena Nieto victory

(Reuters) - Mexico's electoral tribunal on Thursday unanimously rejected a legal bid to overturn Enrique Pena Nieto's victory in the July 1 presidential election, paving the way for the centrist to take office and press ahead with his reform agenda.

Pena Nieto, 46, and his Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, were accused by runner-up Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of laundering money and buying votes to secure victory, but the judges said there was insufficient evidence of wrongdoing.

Lopez Obrador, a leftist former mayor of Mexico City, accused the PRI of buying 5 million votes with illegal funding and plying voters with presents ranging from supermarket gift cards to fertilizer, cement and livestock.

The court must settle some smaller issues before Pena Nieto is officially declared president-elect and can take office in December, but the remaining issues are largely formalities. Read More.

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