Sep 30, 2012

Mexico's lower house gives final approval to labor reform

(Reuters) Sep 29, 2012 - Mexico's lower house of Congress gave final approval on Saturday to a bill that would mark the biggest shake-up of the country's labor market in 42 years.

The final vote took place just before 4 a.m. following a raucous 14-hour debate that was led from a congressional balcony after leftist lawmakers stormed the chamber's rostrum and snatched the microphone from the speaker leading the session.

The bill was approved on a vote of 346-60 with one abstention and now moves to the Mexican Senate, which will have 30 days to approve or reject it.

In a show of cooperation between the outgoing and incoming administrations, the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) of President-elect Enrique Pena Nieto supported the bill, which the PRI had gutted of measures aimed at curbing the power of unions.  Read more. 

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