Oct 17, 2012

Protests erupt in Mexico as Senate mulls labor reform bill

Global Post: Alex Pearlman October 17, 2012 

Violence leaves over one hundred people arrested and schools shut down, as the Mexican legislature attempts to pass controversial labor reform laws.

A tense raid took place yesterday in Mexico's Michoacan state, as student protesters faced off against police after repeated hijackings and more than a week of protests against curriculum changes. 

Police stormed three campuses, where students held buses and delivery trucks hostage, according to the BBC. Over 100 people were arrested and both protesters and police were injured. 

According to the Latin American Herald Tribune, students also set 13 vehicles on fire in the latest and most violent of the many protests sweeping across Mexico since late September. 

The students were protesting a planned change in the curriculum of their schools, known as normal schools, which prepare students for careers in teaching. They say learning English and computer science shouldn't be priorities for the rural areas they'll be working in, and had taken control of three sister campuses earlier this month. Read more. 

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