Oct 5, 2012

View from Mexico: The presidential debate on immigration

CS Monitor: On the eve of the first US presidential debate, Mexicans weigh in on where President Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney stand on immigration – and offer policy proposals of their own.

By Sara Miller Llana. Oct. 3rd. MEXICO CITY. If Republican candidate Mitt Romney is trying to woo Latino voters with a softened stance on immigration as he heads into his first debate with President Obama tonight, many of the relatives of those voters in Mexico are not buying it.

“I prefer Obama, the other one is very aggressive,” says Elizabeth Martinez, sweeping the sidewalk outside of the chic baby clothes store where she works inMexico City. “He wants to make it harder and harder for immigrants.”

Pressed for months to clarify his stance on immigration, Mr. Romney told The Denver Post on Monday that he, as president, would not take away the deferrals that were granted under an Obama order announced in June, giving certain young, law-abiding undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as minors a reprieve from deportation. Read more.

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