Nov 4, 2012

Searching for Mexico's drug war 'disappeared'

BBC By Tom Bateman

With thousands of people missing after six years of murderous violence linked to Mexico's drugs cartels, families say they want more done to find their loved ones.

It was a warm night in the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez and heavily armed troops were patrolling the streets, at the height of the war on drug cartels here.

Victor Baca, 21, had just dropped his girlfriend at her home and was buying a hot dog with two friends at a fast food stand.

Suddenly, and apparently without reason, troops approached the three young men, arrested them and drove them away.

That was three years ago - and the last time Mr Baca's family ever saw him.

"We think that part of the reason the military gave him a hard time was because he wasn't identified," says his father Gerardo Baca, explaining that his son may have forgotten his ID before going out that night.

"We didn't know they were arrested until the next day, when one of his arrested friends was sent to the state police," he added.

"We have no idea of the whereabouts of my son." Read more. 

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