Jun 20, 2013

Border Deal by 2 in G.O.P. Lifts Chances of Immigration Bill

The so-called comprehensive immigration reform bill in the U.S. Congress is shaping up to be the worst counter-reform in terms of human rights and civil liberties in the history of U.S. legislation. 

Here is a note from the New York Times on yet another Republican knife in the back of immigrant rights, this time in the form of a "border surge" (yes, they are actively striving to make Chihuahua look as much like Iraq as possible), including fencing and 40,000 security forces, all for a cool $30 billion in taxpayer money, which could easily end up being double that due to "errors" and cost overruns, if the history of this lethal boondoggle is any example.

NYT, WASHINGTON — Two Senate Republicans reached an agreement on Thursday on a plan to strengthen border security with the bipartisan group of eight senators that drafted an overhaul of the nation’s immigration laws, raising hopes that the new deal could build Republican support for the immigration legislation being debated on the Senate floor.

The deal, according to aides with knowledge of the discussions, will call for what was described as a “border surge” that nearly doubles the current border patrol force to 40,000 agents from 21,000, as well as the completion of 700 miles of fence on the southern border. The additional border agents, an aide said, would cost roughly $30 billion.  Read more...

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