Jul 30, 2013

On Mexico’s western front, cartel violence escalates

The Washington Post 
By Nick Miroff
July 25, 2013

Mexico City -  Last week, Mexican authorities were celebrating the capture of one of the country’s most notorious drug lords.

This week, they are facing a stunning escalation of cartel-related violence in an entirely different region — a sobering reminder that the grinding battle here against organized crime is being fought on multiple fronts.

In the past three days, gunmen in the convulsive western state of Michoacan have staged eight guerrilla-style ambushes on Mexican federal police convoys, killing four officers and wounding at least 15.

Open combat involving government security forces, criminal gangs and the local militias that have emerged to fight them have left at least 42 people dead in the past week in Michoacan, according to tallies by Mexico’s Reforma newspaper. Mexican officials said they are sending an additional 2,000 soldiers and police officers to prevent the violence from spiraling further out of control.  Read more. 

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