Sep 10, 2013

'Not a Single Soldier, Not a Single Peso' for Syrian Misadventure!

La Jornada 
By Guillermo Almeyra
Translated By Seren Moore for WorldMeets
September 10, 2013

The United States and the former colonial powers are preparing to attack Syria militarily. However, as in the war against Serbia, the real targets are in fact elsewhere. In this case, Russia again, the great power in crisis, possessor of gas and oil in the north; and Iran, the socio-political threat to Israel and the Gulf monarchies, and the key to Persian oil. It would be a blow to these countries, and to China, which defends Iran and Syria and fundamentally agrees with Russia. All of of these nations see this as a prelude to an attack on Venezuela (protected by them and by virtue of its vast oil reserves).

The war they are about to launch against Syria seeks, ultimately, to return to square one the open process of decolonization that began after World War II, install the imperial vassal Israel as the only power in the region, and defeat the process of democratization in the Arab world. Above all, this is a typical response of capitalism to a long economic crisis that appears without end: international financial capital expects, as it has in the past, to break the deadlock with a great war that will destroy property, deprive millions of people of their lives, and create a situation requiring massive reconstruction under conditions of global servitude and enslavement.  Read more. 

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